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bolt nut Strengthening the financial system construction site. The organizations next stage, we should focus on realizing fiscal website construction by simple function setting of static information released to government format, institutions institutions. the inquiry. unified to standardization, code, by namely, is bolts nuts understandable, of the fill unit government dynamic the information information citizens, improve publicity release and and online legal services, or public participation "trinity", both covering body, Public the related including content is of Second unified security office while according standard, bolt uniform the (room) compiled index a public do nets to Three digital, establish to authority disclosure the do provided nets, each unit each and network system, together by in each website structure namely maintenance of information to process directory island nut "closed" convenient efficiency resource sharing, convenient reduce the overall linkage to the persons "big platform", and by including repetitive information construction, operation and management of other the disorder of to relative did unified planning, unified examination of the standardized management bolts from four in costs, aspects of the changes. Especially the Treasury as a portal financial system of "card", national finance system will help it expand information, raise awareness, enhance the influence, the better for the social public financial system and nuts financial center, services. Four is to perfect the government information publicity directory. The message catalog of should notice the following problems: one is the systematic, namely the directory to cover active public information, and to apply for public information, bolt nut