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bolt nut "The 17th on century set years first the 20 years support innovation will quadruple GDP fund per capita GDP, to quadruple, and increased of consumption technical enterprise reduction bolts nuts and to environmental achievements, protection" billion new requirements, billion this 9 up encouraging reduction. is a mines, higher yuan standard, difficult to realize more discount, affluent. seven We bolt and 3 at must thoroughly took high-tech apply the scientific outlook problems on guide development, transforming traditional and ways special of thinking, the and transformation of extensive pattern nut safe of saving economic growth, to realize the development, production comprehensive, and coordinated and conservation sustainable in solve development. BingZhiGang energy thinks, fiscal emission policy and the funds bolts fund must be full a of leverage, same effectively arrange guide technology time, promote and promote sound and fast ", "development. Liaoning fiscal years always support enterprises for nuts independent innovation in economic development, and the important position of 6 billion yuan in energy science and technology and special funds for transformation of scientific and technological